Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Any Progress on getting going??

I am trying to make some progress on getting the roof replaced, getting the GIGANTIC hole in the ground (once called a swimming pool until the sides collapsed) filled in and re-sodded. Then, we can paint, and go find some beds, craft tables, OTT lights, task chairs, a refrigerator, microwave, some bits and pieces of furniture to allow the crafters to take a break from all their hard work scrapping and stamping. Right now the funds are really tight, but the main priority is to get the roof fixed and the hole in the ground filled in.

When that is finished.. the rest should be actually FUN!!! There will be an outdoor bar-b-que area off the "living room" now turned crafting studio... I will probably go see my friend Janet at Lindy Mall to find a cute comfy sofa to put in the living room also for lounging.

The cottage will be completely furnished with a full kitchen including dishes, pots, pans, coffee maker, microwave, and some basic condiments. The bedrooms will all have single beds, except maybe the master bedroom. I would like to put a Queen size bed in there in case someone wants to rent the place for a LONG weekend away and wants a more comfy retreat. All linens will also be furnished.. so forget about having to bring SLEEPING BAGS!! I don't think so!! I have heard of some craft retreats with only bunk beds where you have to bring all your own bedding. Don't worry ladies.. that will all be taken care of!!

Well, back to the planning and creating the business plan for the bank!! Hope to get some pictures of the outside soon so you can see what a lovely in which this cottage is located.